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Summary of Activities conducted by BKS during the period 2020-2021.

Sr. No. Activities (2020-2021) Date
  1. Purchased a house costing about Rs.8/- lakhs including registration for Mrs.Gita R Nair, Makarpura. She is a widow having 2 daughters, earlier stayed in a shed in GIDC Industrial Estate, Makarpura.  
  2. Completed legalisation and registration of BKS Hall, Makarpura, costing Rs.24/- lakhs (approx.). Upon receipt of Demand Notice from Government of Gujarat (Revenue Department), we have collected the required fund from our members, well-wishers and various associations/temple trust etc. within the period of 3 months i.e till December 2020 and the property was now named in the name of Baroda Kerala Samajam.  
  3. Purchased an office at Subhanpura with a total cost of Rs.14/- lakhs.  
  Following activities have been carried out during the period August 2020 to July 2021.  
1 Grocery Kits donated by MKS Pillai, Fathegunj, distributed to 30 members on 23-8-2020 at 3 zones on the occasion of Onam.  
2 As a part of Onam Celebration, Pookala Malsaram conducted online during Onam week 24-8-2020 to 30-8-2020 and prizes were given to best three.  
3 On the request of Mrs. Smitha Biju, residing in Makarpura, Baroda, whose husband had already diagnosed with covid positive, for financial support for the treatment of her husband Mr.Biju Samuel, who has been hospitalized due to covid in Narhari Hospital in August 2020. BKS arranged a fund collection for the treatment and an amount of Rs.395200/- has been collected from the members and well-wishers and was paid Rs.232000/- to hospital and Rs.163000/- paid to his wife Ms.Smitha Biju by our President on 15-10-2020. We appreciate and thanks Shri Mohan B Nair for his partial contribution and reducing the treatment charges of Mr.Biju by talking to concerned health officials and hospital trustees in reducing the hospital charges from Rs.8 lakhs to Rs.5/- lakhs.  
Onam Pookala Malsaram prize distribution held at Kalyan Hall, Fatehegunj on 6-9-2020 
Organized for Help Desk and awareness camp for Corona Medi-claim Policy for our members on 13-9-2020 and 19-9-2020 at all the 3 zones.  During the insurance camps, more than 100 members have been covered directly or indirectly for covid insurance kavaj. 
6 Actively involved in arranging Marriage and Blood donation through opening WhatsApp Groups such as (1) Marriage Help Desk – an opportunity to find out life partners to your children, which are the only one platform where all religions can participate in Vadodara and (2) Blood Donation Help Desk – daily monitoring on blood requirement of needy and arrange blood for the patient (3) Job Search Help Desk – It provides information on vacant jobs by companies
A WhatsApp group has been created to advertise and inform the malayalees on various services of malayalees in Baroda like Malayali Kadas, Food outlets, restaurants, TV repair, Computer Repairs, Doctors, Advocates, and many more.
7 On the request of Mr.Shajan for medical help to his son, an amount of Rs.2/- lakhs (approx.) collected by donation from members and well-wishers for the treatment of Master Ashwin Shajan, residing Gorwa. Rs.1.60 lakhs have been paid to VINS hospital and remaining amount has been given to his family for medicine purchase.   
8 Mr.Anil Nair, 46 yrs, residing at Itola met with an accident on 12-12-2020 at Por railway crossing and died on the spot.  BKS team under the leadership of President, GC Nair witth Ajithkumar, Chandrababu Pillai, Sreeraj reached the Health Centre, Por and taken over the body of deceased with the Help of Gujarati Neighbours on 13-12-2020 and arranged all the rituals and cremated the body and provided necessary help to the family of Anil.  
9 We have distributed 156 grocery kits to the needy family as Christmas Kits on 13-12-2020.  The 156 grocery kits were fully sponsored and arranged by Mr.Joykutty of Sunrise Industries (I) Ltd. for distribution.  
10 BKS and Malayalam Mission Baroda Chapter has jointly arranged a condolence meeting of noted poet, writer and environmentalist Smt. Sugathakumari on 27-12-2020 through online meeting.  Shri GC Nair, President, BKS, Shir K.G.Harikrishnan, President Fegma, Shri Mohandas Secretary, Malalayalm Mission Gujarat Chapter and BKS Malayalm Mission Convenor Mr.Vasudevan M  along with teachers and students of Malayalm Mission mourned the passing away of the renowned poet.  
11 As all are well aware that 2020 year we are not in a situation to celebrate Christamas and New Year as we used to due to the Covid 19 pandemic. BKS organized Christmas Fancy Dress and Carol Songs competitions from 26th to 28th December 2020.  The winners have been declared on 30-12-2020 and prizes distributed on 10-12-2020.  
12 Calendar 2021 distributed during the end of December 2020  
13 Sent a team to attend the inaugural function for the newly built Indian Railways’ Vadodara to Kevadia railway line on 17-1-2021 on the invitation of District Administration  
14 On the occasion of 72nd republic day in all the three zone the flag is tied up on the top of the pole and it is unfurled to mark the celebration and also we have arranged a small function with following on 26th January 2021 at 4.30 PM at our BKS Hall, Makarpura: 
(1) Distribution of Educational Awards and Achievements Awards (2) Handing over Key of purchased house to Mrs.Gita Nair (3) Announcement of NA approval payment to authority (4) Announcement of formal inauguration of Subhanpura Office.   
15 BKS handed over a cheque for Rs.21500/- collected from members and well-wishers to Smt. Mariyamma Alousious wife of late Mr.Alousious Yohannan, Makarpura on 17-2-2021. This is in addition to Rs.10000/- previously given to the treatment by BKS  
16 Participated State level and World Level for Sugadanjali Kavyalapanam competition by our Malayalam mission students and happy to inform all that Master Suryakiran Sasi and Kumari Sreepoorna P of Baroda for winning 1st and 2nd in State level and getting a place in top 10 of world level competition  
17 Mrs.Chandrika R Pillai, Pratapnagar has been given Rs.10000/- for medicine purchase in addition of Donation by Mr.Jaydeep. Unfortunately, she was died at SSG Hospital after few days  
18 BKS arranged common Besna (condolence meeting) on 21-3-2021 Sunday, between 10.00 AM to 12 Noon for Shri Chitrangadhan, Shri CVD Rajan, Mrs.Chandrika R Pillai, Shri Rajiv Nair  
19 BKS started an initiative to provide free meals (Lunch and Dinner) to Covid Positive Quarantined Families in Baroda.
We have experienced a sharp spike in covid-19 cases during March-June 2021. Due to sudden increase in the Covid situation affecting many of our members, we have provided free meals for Covid affected quarantined families of our members in Baroda from 3rd April 2021 to 9-4-21 initially for 7 days and continued until 30-5-2021. There were 5500 food packets were supplied.
20 BKS arranged fund collection for the treatment of Mr. Ajesh Mani, age 35 years, residing in 303, Anand Vihar Flats, Near Kailash Dham society, New Sama Road. who has been suffered from Esophageal carcinoma/ Esophageal cancer and was admitted for bowel obstruction and severe vomiting with body weakness and has undergone  an immediate surgery for bowel obstruction which would cost around 1.4 lac + medicines. He was managed to get approx. Rs.3.00 lakhs direct transfer to his account from various well-wishers on our request in all the groups.
21 Arranged distribution of 12 grocery kits to needy families (4 each) in 3 zones on 11-4-2021 on the occasion of vishu sponsored by Mr.Jaydeep Nambiar  
22 On 12-4-2021 Sterling Hospital Group has donated an amount of Rs.1/- lakh to BKS for acknowledging our work during covid as a special achievement award.    
23 Malayalm Mission Praveshana Utsavam 2021 organized online on 13-6-2021 at 3.00PM. Shri M.Vasudevan, Chapter Coordinator welcomed and Prof.Suja Sussen George, Malayalam Mission Director, Govt. of Kerala, inaugurated the function. On the occasion Prof.Suja Sussen George,  Shri K.G.Harikrishnan, President, FEGMA and Malayalam Mission Gujarat Chapter Chairman; Shri Mohandas, Secretary, Malayalm Gujarat Chapter, Shri GC Nair, BKS President etc. addressed the audience on zoom.  
24 We have obtained approval for Income Tax Exemption under section 12A and 80G which are the two registrations granted by income tax department (approval dated 28-5-2021) to BKS.  This will allow us in tax exemption and permitted deductions on donations by the donors.  We are now more acceptable to receive donation, funding and various tax reliefs for charity works under this approval which was granted up to 31-3-2027.  
25 Oxygen Concentrator of 5 ltr capacity donated to BKS by Mr.Ajit Nair, Architect, Baroda, and Adjustable Wheel Chair donated by Mrs.Vimala Krup, Baroda, which are available for use at Subhanpura Office. A Malayali well-wisher, in memory of her late husband who was taken to heavenly abode in June 2021 after a cardiac arrest, has offered an ICD (Pacemaker) to BKS.  The cost of the device is above Rs.5/- lacs. Needy patients can approach us and based on the merit of the case, the ICD will be donated to the needy.   
26 Distributed 100 food kits donated by Malabar Gold & Diamond during the last week of June 2021 to the needy families in all the zones  
27 Many people can't buy a certain, very important necessity which are medicines.  One of our objectives remains in providing medical care to help the lives of those who simply do not have the money that they require to stay healthy during this pandemic.
Taking this into consideration, BKS have launched ‘BKS OUSHADHI SAHAYA SCHEME’ to the neediest of our Malayali community. This scheme is started initially for 3 months on 4th July 2021 by giving one-month medicine with medical card to fifteen patients with the funding sponsorship of one of our well-wisher Shri Prabhakaran Nair in memory of his wife, which provides free medicine (prescribed by the doctor) to the needy. The sponsor has offered initial grant of Rs.1/- lakh.  It continued for 15 persons per month till date i.e. July to December, 2021.
28 BKS donated following amount towards charity fund to (2021-22):
1. Wife of deceased Mr.Sudish – Rs.50000/-
2. Medical Treatment of Mr.Ravindran – Rs.86000/-
3. Medical Treatment to Blessy Thomas, Tarsali – Rs.15000/-
4. Son of Deceased Mr.Mohanan Nair – Rs.20000/-

Summary of Activities conducted by BKS during the period 2018-2020.

Sr. No. Activities Date
1 Taken over the charge by the new Committee 16-8-2018
2 First meeting of well-wishers and all associations to chalk out the collection of fund and help at Kerala for Flood Relief Work 17-8-2018
3 7 trucks of materials and cheque worth Rs.55,50,001/- under CM Relief Fund were sent to Kerala CM Relief Fund under the leadership of President Shri GC Nair (5 trucks materials distributed at Pathanamthitta/Alapuza Districts by our President and EC Members – Shri KR Prasad, Shri Anilkumar A, Shri Pradeep G, Shri Ravindran Nair, Shri Lawrence B, Shri Kalidasan Nair including our first lady Mrs.Sushama Nair, Shri Sasidharan Pillai and other members – 1 truck to Trichur by Secretary Jayakumar and 1 truck to Waynad by Shri KT Kunjumon, Shri Manoj C, Shri Vasudevan M and Shri Benny Scaria). 29-8-2018
4 Thanks Giving function was organized by BKS at Medical College Auditorium for those who have helped us for sending materials and money to the flood affected needy families at Kerala and the felicitation for our members who have volunteered for the distribution of relief materials. President GC Nair presided over the function and chief guest was Prof.Parimal H Vyas, Vice Chancellor, MSU and Shri Mohan Nair was the guest of honour. 02-10-2018
5 Kerala Piravi Day was Celebrated with Malayalam mission programme and we hosted a Malayalam Drama/Nadakam ‘Lakshmi AdhavaArangileAnarkali’ by Kozhikode Sankeerthana at Medical College Auditorium 01-11-2018
6 Arts competition, Drawing and Elocution Competitions were successfully organized under the leadership of Arts Secretary Shri KR Prasad at BKS Hall, Makarpura. 02-12-2018 and 09-12-2018
7 Participated Malayalam mission activities and training conducted at Ahmedabad for teachers under the leadership of Shri Vasudevan M and Mr.Anilkumarand attended the meeting of chapter formation of FEGMA. 08-12-2018 and 09-12-2018
8 Distributed Malayalam Calendar 2019 of BKS to our members on free of cost. December 2018
9 Under the leadership of our Sports Secretary, Shri Manoj C, we have participated various tournament of FEGMA
1. Tournament of Cricket at Daman held on 6-1-19
2. Tournaments of Football and Basket ball held on 20-1-19 at Vapi
3. Indoor games held at Valsad on 3-2-19
10 Makarpura zonal get together was organized along with distribution ofmerit awards for those who have obtained highest marks in HSC/SSC Exams. 15-01-2019
11 BKS Athletic Meet was organized at MSU Pavilion Ground 10-02-2019
12 Rallyorganized from Kothi Char Rasta to Gandhinagar Gruh to condemn the deadly terror attack on 14-2-19 in Pulwama of J&K under the leadership of President Shri GC Nair along with other members of various associations and employees of Picson Group of Companies. 23-02-2019
13 Organized Athletics Meet of FEGMA hosted by BKS at Manjalpur Sport Complex, Chief Guests were Anju Bobby George and Capt.George. A token of special appreciation in the form of memento was given on the last executive committee meeting of Fegma for hosting the event. 24-02-2019
14 A function was organized to felicitate winners of FEGMA Sports and distribution of prizes to winners of Arts Competition 09-03-2019
Zonal Activities
15 Visited and wished All HSC and SSC students by all the Zones
Fatehgunj zone Ladies wing organized Free Health Checkup and Awareness programme in association with Tricolour Hospitals, Vadodara on 25th November 2018. Sponsored Annadhanam to Lions Blind Girls School, Manjalpur on 17-4-19.
Makarpura zone ladies wing– Collected fund for Flood Relief Fund; Organized Bone Mineral Density Camp on 13-4-19
Subhanpura zone ladies wing – Visited Swarg Community Care Old Age Unit at Gotri and distributed snacks on the occasion of Mother’s day on 10th May 2019, Arranged Talent Show on 16-6-19 and conducted Yoga on the occasion of yoga day on 21-6-19

Activities from July 2019

Sr. No. Activities Date
1 For Vadodara Floods – August 2019
Distributed 5000 food packs for affected people in Baroda on different days. The expenses for this was sponsored by our President GC Nair, (Approximately Rs.48000/- spent)
August 2019
2 73rd Independence day was celebrated on 15th August 2019 at 3 zones by hosting national flag by Office bearers and EC members of the respective zone. 15-08-2019
3 Participated FegmaRachanolsavam 2019 at Vapi held on 25-8-19 and got highest (first) positions 25-08-2019
4 Organized Onasadhya at Patel Party Plot, Gorwa on 8-9-19. There were more than 1200 persons taken food. 08-09-2019
5 Udayam News Letter special onam issue released on this day. 08-09-2019
6 Shri BinoyViswam MP, Rajya Sabha, visited BKS hall on 30-9-19 and interacted with few of our members 30-09-2019
7 To commemorate 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi on 2nd October Gandhijayanti Celebration – 400 foods packs delivered in Tarasali area and the same was sponsored by our President Shri GC Nair 02-10-2019
8 Subhanpura Zone Ladies Wing organized GarbaMahautsav on 5-10-2019 at Sona Party Plot, Laxmipura. Municipal Counsellor Mr.RajeshAyre was the Chief Guest and sponsor of the venue. 05-10-2019
9 The Birth Anniversary of Sardar Patel is celebrated as RashtriyaEktaDiwas on 31-10-2019 at Kevidiya Colony by Hon’ble PM Shri Narendra Modi. BKS team was invited and attended the function. 31-10-2019
10 1st November Kerala Priavi day celebrated by BKS at the MakarpuraHall on 1-11-19 6.30 PM onwards. Mr.Syamkumar, Joint Secretary, Norka Roots, Govt. of Kerala was chief guest and Mr.KG Harikrishnan, President Fegma, was a the guest of honor. 01-11-2019
11 Ladies wing of Suhanpura Zone celebrated Children’s day on 14th November 2019 by doing Charity work and distributed food packets to the street children 14-11-2019
12 BKS Football Competition conducted at Rangers Football Academy Baroda on 1-12-2019 01-12-2019
13 Arts Competition conducted on 15-12-2019 at BKS Makarpura Hall 15-12-2019
14 Badminton Competition Conducted on 22-12-2019 at Waghodia 22-12-2019
15 Fathegunj Zonal Get together held on 29-12-2019 at Milan Party Plot 29-12-2019
16 71st Republic Day 26-1-2020 celebrated by all the zone by hosting national flag 26-01-2020
17 A felicitation function organized for 3rd National Masters Game participants from Kerala on 8-2-2020 at Sama Temple Ground 8-02-2020
18 Ladies wings of all the three zones and executive members visited children of members who are going to appear the 10th and 12th Board examinations in March 2020 and blessed them by giving roses. March 2020
19 BKS Annual Athletic Meet was held at University Pavilion on 16-2-2020 16-02-2020
20 Makarpura Zonal get together was held on 23-2-2020 at ONGC Ground. On this occasion, we have awarded cash prize, certificate and memento to the best meritorious students of the members who have secured highest marks in 10th and 12th Board Examinations. 23-02-2020
21 On the occasion of Women’s Day, BKS Ladies wing Conducted a Seminar on Gynaecology by an Eminent Dr.PadmaIyengar at St.Mary’s School, Gorwa on 8-3-2020 at 11.30 AM and Fatehgunj Zone celebrated Women’s Day at 12.00 noon Introducing an interactive session on Women put yourself first by Dr.Soumya S Nair and how to deal with the wide spectrum of problems that can affect Women through their life stages by Mrs.Neelima Varghese. Dr.AyshwariaWarrier also talked about the health and women’s fitness in this occasion. 08-03-2020
22 The COVID-19 pandemic, an unprecedented global health emergency, is disrupted the lives of people everywhere.

To support our community in Baroda, we have started following activities during Covid-19 lockdown:

1. Helped in arranging a special train to Kerala from Rajkot with the help of other Samajams in Gujarat and FEGMA for stranded people in Gujarat due to lockdown. They underwent medical check-ups and later headed for their native place. The travellers informed that they were looked after during the journey and were happy to have reached their native place in Kerala safely.

2. We have started Covid-19 Charity Fund collection and started distribution of 200 grocery kits to the needy family during 2nd lockdown period. For this, we have spent an amount of Rs.2/- lakhs. In the third phase of distribution of kits, we have received 100 grocery kits from Sunrise Industries (I) Ltd. for distribution amongst our needy members and we have successfully supplied all the 100 kits to the needy on 26-7-2020.

3. The BKS has given financial assistance to the most vulnerable needy people to purchase grocery/essential items or to meet monthly rent etc. We have screened 20 such families and given a total of Rs.1.40 lakhs to 15 families. The major part of donation we received is Rs.1,00,000/- from Chikuwadi Group of CEP 1989 Batch, Govt. Engineering College, Trivandrum.

4. On the request of wife of one Mr.Santoshkumar P.R, residing in Makarpura, Baroda, for financial support for the treatment of her husband who has been hospitalized for cancer treatment during lockdown time. A committee has been constituted to look into the merit of the issue and as per recommendation of the committee, we have given an amount of Rs.1,00,000/- to the treatment of Mr.Santoshkumar. Unfortunately, one month after discharging from hospital, he was passed away.

Out of Rs.4.30 lakhs donation received, an amount of Rs.4.40 lakhs was spent by us under Covid-19 Charity as of 7th July 2020.
March-July 2020
23 On the occasion of celebrating 21st June 2020 as International Yoga Day, Mrs.Sheeba Manoj, Makarpura, one of our active members, was given yoga demonstration through Video Conference to the members. 21-06-2020
24 Malayalam mission Praveshanolsavam using online zoom platform was held on 12-7-2020 at 3.00 PM to 4.30PM. Shri M.Vasudevan, Chapter Coordinator welcomed and Prof.SujaSussen George, Malayalam Mission Director, Govt. of Kerala, inaugurated the function. On the occasion Prof.SujaSussen George, Shri Sethumadhavan, Registrar, Malalayam Mission, Shri K.G.Harikrishnan, President, FEGMA and Malayalam Mission Gujarat Chapter Chairman; Shri Mohandas, Secretary, Malayalm Gujarat Chapter, Shri GC Nair, BKS President and Shri Jayakumar Nair, BKS-Secretary etc. addressed the audience on zoom. 12-7-2020

Gratitude and Thanks to all of my colleagues who have helped to organize these activities.

Gen. Secretary
Jayakumar Nair